We understand that the transition from primary to secondary school can seem like a daunting prospect for both child and parent. We do appreciate the difficulties which the children face and have tried to alleviate some of those feelings by employing a transition teacher who has spent time in our partner primary schools getting to know your child very well before joining our Academy. Our transition teacher has worked closely alongside your child’s Year 6 teacher and by Year 7 we feel we will have a good idea of the needs of your child.  We hope that this will make the children feel less apprehensive about coming to us and it will also give us a better starting point from which we can take your child forward.

We have been involved in many activities over the year with your child’s primary school. These include:

  • Maths Challenge
  • Music event – shining stars
  • Joint newspaper
  • English, Maths and Music staff visits
  • Science visit
  • Swimming gala

The transition day this year will take place on Wednesday 3rd July 2019, where your son / daughter will come to CVEA and familiarise themselves with our amazing building, outstanding teachers and experience some hands-on learning.

We will try our hardest to ensure that their transition from primary to secondary is as smooth as possible and that they continue to build upon and maintain the progress they have achieved before coming to our Academy. We endeavour to provide a good education for all children who attend our Academy.

Mrs Waite visits the primary schools to prepare them for the Shining Stars event.

We have visits by Miss Hornsby, the music teacher, to all partner primary schools throughout the academic year.

Also, in the summer term, Maths and English staff make visits to many primary schools and students come into the Academy to experience some Science lessons.

Mr Rainbow promotes cricket in our primary schools and helps with transition activities.

If you have any questions or queries with regards to a student joining us in September, please read the 'First day Guide' document below before contacting the Academy.

First Day Guide for Parents/Carers and Students

Primary Transition Events 2018/19

Academic Events

  • Wednesday 17st October 2018 Gifted and Talented Taster Day 09:30 – 14:30
  • Wednesday 14th November 2018 English Taster Day 09:30 – 14:30
  •  Wednesday 12th December 2018 Maths Taster Day 09:30 – 14:30
  • Wednesday 16th January 2019 Science Taster Day 09:30 – 14:30
  • Wednesday 13th February 2019 Art and Technology Taster Day 09:30 – 14:30
  • Wednesday 13th March 2019 Creative Arts Taster Day 09:30 – 14:30

Other Important Dates

  • Y6 Open Evening - Tuesday 18th September 2018 17:00 – 19:00
  • Y6 Transition Day - Wednesday 3rd July 2019
  • Y6 Parent Induction Evening - Wednesday 3rd July 2019 18:00-19:00
  • Y6 Uniform Sales: Wednesday 3rd July 2019 between 14:00 – 17:00 (Additional events on Monday 22nd July 2019 between 10.00 – 13:00 and Tuesday 23rd July 2019 between 10.00 – 13:00)

Maths and Science Roadshows (STEM assemblies)

  • Tuesday 18th December 2018 – Hylton Castle 10:00 -11:30, Castletown 13:00-14:30           
  • Thursday 24th January 2019 – Bexhill 10:00 -11:30, Townend 13:00- 14:30                                                                              

Important Documents

Feedback from the Year 6 Transition Event

  • “Great opportunity to look at the school in advance and there was plenty of taster sessions for each lesson.”
  • “Very impressed with everything that we have seen, can’t wait to start in Year 7!”
  • “The Academy is amazing, lots of facilities and after school activities. Teachers are very friendly and approachable.”
  • “The Academy looks good, plenty of activities to do and see. The older students were well behaved.”
  • “Thank you for a wonderful visit! My daughter and I were very impressed by the school facilities. There is a warm and comfortable atmosphere with was great. All staff were friendly and approachable and the students are a credit to your school. A particular mention to the students in science – absolutely fantastic! I feel so much more at ease about my daughter’s transition now we have visited”
  • “Very good tour. Students answered all the questions that I have on the tour, my son is interested in sports school. Teachers spoke to me and my son on the tour, everyone was very well mannered and polite.”
  • “Fab Academy, very interesting studies for my son. My son is looking forward to coming here next year. It has changed so much since his brother came here eight years ago!”

Feedback from Year 7 about Transition

Results from Parent / Carer Questionnaire

Year 7 Transition You said......We did

You said...‘There should be preparation for the amount of homework Y7 are given’

We did...’As part of our parental information pack it clearly states the amount and frequency of homework issued to Y7. This will be highlighted in information issued to current Y6 parents’ 

You said…’More homework support is needed in specific subjects’

We did…’All students have access to homework club, IT resources and subject specific programmes as well as apps to help with understanding and revision. Students who are struggling need to inform their subject teacher or Head of Year.’

You said…’Children have too much responsibility to pass information to parents. They should be contacted directly.’

We did…‘We encourage students to be independent, responsible citizens and as such we expect some communication between school and home to occur via the student. We also contact parents directly through clarion calls, regular phone calls, emails and letters.’

You said…’Parents should be informed of students being kept back, even if it is just for 10 minutes’

We did…’Information regarding after school detentions can be found in the behaviour policy and agreement signed by all parents at the beginning of each academic year. The policy can be found on the school website.’

You said…’There needs to be supervision in the dene’

We did…’As part of our supervision duty that we carry out daily we monitor and often walk into the dene before and after school.’

Our feeder primaries


Hylton Castle

Town End