Head Students 

Students at the academy voted for Edison Shek and Lily Dodsworth to become their new Head Students for 2021-2022.

The prestigious role of the Head Student is to lead the team of Lead Students and act as student representatives on issues that affect you such as teaching and learning, uniform, catering, and even interviewing new teachers! They are also ambassadors and represent us on trips and at events outside the school.

Joe Connor, Klaudia Patyk, Emillie Pringle, Morgan Rodley, Jorja Ross, Edison Shek, Sophie Sheriff, Caitlyn Snowdon, Liam Wilson, Dylan Bainbridge, Lucy Spence, Kaitlin Smith, Ellie Mould, Hannah Bowerbank, Reece Burns, Rachel Ciantar Piccinino, Katie Warrener, Jonathan Crooks, Lily Dodsworth, Keira Dunwell, James Hutchinson, Jay McLeod, Sarah Newton, Alfie Burnside, Eloise Phillips, Elizabeth Philliskirk, Charlotte Philliskirk.

House Captains

Students at Castle View Enterprise Academy have voted the following students to be their House Captains for 2021-22. 

We would like to congratulate the new House Captains and Vice Captains on their success.

Leadership Opportunities

At Castle View Enterprise Academy all students are encouraged to engage with leadership opportunity in the Academy in different areas. The opportunities are open to students to give them responsibility and learn vital leadership skills.

Careers Ambassador

  • Promote careers within the academy.
  • Feedback and communicate all careers activities taking place in academy to students.
  • Promote careers education at parent’s evening/open events.
  • Update careers display boards.
  • Write up careers related stories and take photos.
  • Meet and greet business guests - communicate with business link.
  • Gather student voice on careers activity.

Combined Cadet Force - Cadet

  • Commit to the Values and Standards of the British Army as applied to CCF (Army) Cadets.
  • Attend training each week.
  • Wear uniform with pride.
  • Follow instructions quickly and with good humour.
  • Respect, support and show compassion to others.
  • Fully utilise personal skills for self-development and the benefit of others.
  • Take on the challenges presented.
  • Make good progress through the Army Proficiency Certificate Syllabus.
  • Be a Good Ambassador for CVEA.

Charity Leader

  • Promote charities within the academy.
  • Feedback and communicate all fundraising activities to staff and students which take place in the academy.
  • Promote charity events.
  • Update charity display boards.
  • Write up charity related stories and take photos.
  • Gather student voice on charity events.

Events Leader

  • Promote events within the academy.
  • Communicate all events to staff, students and parents which take place in the academy.
  • Promote school events, for example year 6 transition evening.
  • Attend and support all parents’ evenings.
  • Attend and support all awards evenings including dinners.

Online Safety Leader

  • Attend parents' evenings (online safety 'stall').
  • Write a short article for each newsletter to be added to website.
  • Design an online safety display in school to be updated termly.
  • Meet with the online safety staff group to identify any issues students may have.
  • Work in PSCHE lessons, supporting tutors in Challenge Days and assemblies, and work with key stage 3 students to deliver information on online safety.
  • Create and distribute an online safety questionnaire and collate feedback from students.

Geography Ambassador

  • Promote sustainability in the Academy.
  • To work in the local community on conservation projects to improve the local area.
  • Promote global charity events in school to raise awareness of environmental challenges.
  • To work with outside agencies in a mature capacity.
  • To lead on activities which will help to reduce the carbon footprint of students and the Academy.

Head Student

  • Assist with managing and monitoring the work of the team of Lead Students.
  • Represent the school at external and internal events.
  • Deliver speeches at events when requested.
  • Be a point of contact for Lead Students to pass on concerns.
  • Assist with visitors, interviews etc.
  • Assist staff with any reasonable requests.

Lead Student

  • Two break time duties per week.
  • One morning duty per week.
  • Open Evenings.
  • Parents’ Evenings.
  • Awards Evenings.
  • Lead Student Meetings.
  • Lead Student Behaviour Panels.
  • Night School.

House Captain

  • To advertise and promote upcoming house events.
  • Assist in the managing of the events with Mrs Coxon.
  • To track attendance of house events and analyse data.
  • To recruit all year groups to promote attendance.
  • To liaise with relevant staff and members of the SLT regarding events.
  • To manage a team of house representatives.

Primary Transition Ambassador

  • To assist year 6 students on taster days at CVEA by acting as coaches and learning support.
  • To attend the open evenings for prospective students and their parents and lead tours of the academy.
  • To deliver assemblies at the feeder primary schools.
  • To assist in classrooms during the whole new cohort transition day in July.
  • To act as role models for new year 7 students during their first week of school by taking them to their lessons until they know the building.

Reading Ambassador

  • Promote reading within the academy.
  • To become a Peer Reading Mentor, to write up reading monitoring reports.
  • Feedback and communicate all reading activities taking place in academy to students.
  • Write up reading related stories and take photos.

Sport and Performance Academy Leader

  • To assist PE staff with coaching during external primary school coaching.
  • To assist PE staff with the organisation and delivery of primary Talent ID training throughout the year.
  • Help organise and prepare sports equipment for PE lessons and Sport and Performance Academy sessions when required.
  • Meet the sports council once a half term to discuss issues and events in PE.
  • Assist with open evening activities.
  • Assist staff in the organisation of major Sport and Performance Academy events such as the Annual Football and Cricket Tournaments.
  • Feed back to the Head Student once per half term regarding the progress of the sessions. This should be a brief written report and verbal feedback. 
  • Assist staff with any reasonable requests.

Student Council Member

  • Attend all Student Council meetings.
  • Actively contribute to the work of the Student Council within meetings and outside of meetings.
  • Promote the work of the Student Council around school.
  • Assist staff with any reasonable requests.

Support for Students

If you need help or advice about anything that is worrying you, no matter how big or small, we want to help you. If you feel that you can't go straight to your pastoral team you can fill in this confidential student support form and send it to us as a first step.

School Council

At Castle View Enterprise Academy we are very proud of our School Council - the group elected by students to represent them. The School Council meets half-termly.  During the school closure we have had an Interim School Council meeting weekly, with one member from each form class, to ensure that dialogue with our student body is maintained.

You said... 'Could we have more opportunities to visit different careers and speak to them?'
We did... 'We started Breakfast with a Guest Speaker Programme.'

You said... 'Could we have a better breakfast provision?'
We did... 'We created a new menu with the kitchen and student council members.'

You said... 'Could we have a more varied vegetarian menu?'
We did... 'We trialled a new and improved vegetarian menu.'

You said... 'Corridors are crowded, particularly stairwells and upstairs corridors.'
We did... 'We have introduced a one-way system.'

You said... 'There is a lack of seating areas at lunch times.'
We did...'We have specific areas allocated to year groups and increased number of tables and chairs available.'

You said...'Students need people to talk to regarding mental health.'
We did...'Student Council have interviewed students to become part of a Mental Health working group.'

You said...'There is a lack of space for storing outdoor clothing.'
We did...'Each year group has been assigned specific rails which are locked away during the Academy day.'

You said...'We would like to be recognised for kindness and manners as well as our academic progress.'
We did...'This has been added to Class Charts and is recognised on a weekly basis' and 'nomination for Recognition cards are issued on a half-termly basis (two per staff member).'

You said...'We would like to be rewarded for good attendance.'
We did...'There has been a half-termly reward structure introduced.'

You said...'We would like to be able to gain access to the building on a morning rather than wait outside.'
We did...'Students are allowed in to have breakfast in the restaurant.'

You said...'It would be good to be able to show progress on a weekly basis and recognise our academic strengths and weaknesses.'
We did...'Weekly tests and starters are marked and recorded in all lessons, with immediate feedback given.'