School Admissions

Secondary School Admissions Sept 2021

Castle View Enterprise Academy is the admissions authority and determines admissions in accordance with criteria outlined in our admissions policy.

The published admission number for Year 7 entry in September 2021 is 210. 

Key Dates and information 

If your child's date of birth falls between 01/09/2009 and 31/08/2010, you will need to apply for a secondary school for September 2021

Application period - 7 September 2020 until 31 October 2020

If your application is received after 31 October 2020, it will reduce your chance of being offered your preferred school

National Offer Day - 1 March 2021

Applications for a place should be made through Sunderland City Council Family Portal using this Link.

If you have any questions or need help with your child’s application for a school place you can contact School Admissions Team who will be happy to assist you – [email protected].

Admissions Criteria 

The Trust Board will adopt the equal preference system, whereby all applications are considered at the same time, irrespective of the order of preference. At the first stage of allocations there will be no distinction between 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. preference applications. Therefore all applications will be considered equally against the admission criteria.

If a student then qualifies for a place at more than one school, the parent’s highest ranked preference will be offered and any lower ranking offers will be disregarded. In determining allocations, priority will be given to those applications where the parental preference is received by the published deadline date. Where parents have twins, triplets or children from other multiple births and there are not sufficient places for all of the children, the parent will be notified in writing. The decision will then lie with the parent as to whether they take up the school place. However, where parents do not take up the school place, the place will be offered to the next child on the waiting list where appropriate. Where it is not possible to offer a place at a school, the child will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is prioritised using the admission criteria and will be held until the end of the Autumn term, after the children start school in September. Parents who are refused a place have a statutory right of appeal.

Further details of the appeals process are available by writing to the Chair of the Trust Board at the Castle View Enterprise Academy address.