What is Show My Homework?

Show My Homework is the easiest way for students and parents/carers to find out about homework instructions and deadlines set by teachers at Castle View enterprise Academy. If your child has forgotten their password, please see Miss Brown in the main office.

To login to Show My Homework, go to the website: http://castleviewacademy.showmyhomework.co.uk/

Show My Homework allows Senior Leaders within school to track and monitor your child’s progress, and ensure complete transparency, making it easy to spot when a child may be struggling.  Not only that, but it ensures that the quality of homework your child receives is always up to scratch. Now that’s pretty important when you consider that homework can add an additional 5 months’ progress to a child’s learning! Knowing when your child has homework and encouraging them to complete it can help them to develop and improve academically, providing them with better chances in life post education. 

All teachers create and publish their homework online, on the school’s calendar. Parents and students can manage submission of homework and view grades. You can review submission times, see grades and communicate with teachers around specific assignments. We’ve even got forgotten passwords covered - you can check for any homework set on the public homework calendar without ever having to log in! Gone are the days of lost worksheets, illegible and missing instructions:  All homework details are accessible 24/7.  Monitor from a distance: Stay in the loop without being intrusive.  Enjoy peace of mind and never have to deal with late-night homework battles again!

What is Doddle?

Doddle is an online resource providing teaching, homework and assessment across all subjects.

Doddle is designed to help students do more and stay motivated outside of the classroom.

Our self-marking homework quizzes provide immediate results and feedback, letting you feel truly connected with what they're doing.

And it's adaptable to student needs: Doddle keeps them organised and encourages independent learning – and it works on whatever device they prefer to use.

To login to Doddle, go to the website: www.doddlelearn.co.uk

What is My Maths

The Mathematics department use the website www.mymaths.co.uk to set and assess homework weekly. All students have been assigned an individual login which will remain the same throughout their five years at Castle View and also allows you to monitor your child’s homework progress. You will receive the login details in the post at the start of each academic year and your child will also be informed in lessons.

How to access MyMaths:

  1. Go to the MyMaths website: www.mymaths.co.uk
  2. Log in using the school’s username and password at the top of the page (given in the letter).
  3. Once logged in using the school’s details your child now needs to enter their personal login details in the “My Portal” boxes near the top of the page (given in the letter).
  4. Your child’s “My Homework” page will now display any homework tasks currently set, along with how many days they have to complete (normally 7 days from the date set).
  5. To attempt a homework task, your child needs to click on the relevant task followed by “Online Homework” which will open up a new page/tab with the homework questions.
  6. Your child should now attempt all of the parts to question 1 and then click the “Mark It” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and then click “Q2” on the left to start the second part of the homework. Once this has been completed click “Mark it” and once the scores for each question have been saved, “Click checkout to see a summary of your scores” will be displayed and your child’s homework score will be saved and the page/tab can be closed. Homework results are not saved until both questions are marked.
  7. Homework scores are graded using a red/amber/green traffic light system, with scores 70% or above receiving green, scores above 40% amber and below 40% red.
  8. Should your child experience any difficulties with the questions, the “Lesson” option is available and will provide explanations and examples relevant to the homework topic.
  9. Your child’s results are available to view by clicking on “My Results”, and any tasks can be attempted again by clicking the relevant topic, allowing your child to improve both their score and understanding.

To access MyMaths using a tablet or phone, you will need to download an app called “Puffin Academy” and follow similar instructions to those above.

Should you have any problems accessing MyMaths please contact your child’s maths teacher.