Gifted and Talented at CVEA

Castle View Enterprise Academy is committed to providing a challenging curriculum for all students. We have many gifted and talented students within the Academy and it is our job to help them achieve their full potential and encourage them to be proud of who they are.

As an Academy we will endeavour to challenge students through classroom lessons, gifted and talented provisions, extra-curricular activities and extra-curricular trips and activities aimed at more able students.

The Academy holds a Gifted and Talented policy and teachers are aware of who is on the school G&T register and more able register for specific subjects which is reviewed on a regular basis. Lessons and sets are organised to set and challenge our most able students.

What is Gifted and Talented?

  • Gifted: students who possess a general academic learning ability which is significantly greater than that of most of their peers.
  • Talented: those who show an exceptional talent in an area such as music, art, sport or technology.

Gifted and Talented Provisions

Different provisions are on offer to each year group to compliment where students are currently at in their education.

Key Stage Three

Mentoring and peer mentoring schemes: These run in registration and after school and allow students to discuss personal progress in the Academy, aspirations and set achievable targets. Students also complete individual and group challenges which stretch the students and help develop skills that can be used across the curriculum.

Extra-Curricular opportunities: There are many opportunities for students to perform and take part in sporting opportunities across the Academy.

Key Stage Four

Peer mentoring younger students: Students have the opportunity to develop  leadership skills through aiding younger students in a peer mentoring scheme. During this time they help students set personal targets and complete individual and group challenge to stretch the students.

Lunchtime mentoring: Year 11 students meet to discuss how their studies are going, any challenges they are facing or support they need.

More able reports: The reports look at what revision, homework and intervention and a mentor discussions and offers support in these areas.

IGGY: Global educational social network for gifted and talented students. The site offers projects, challenges and activities covering many subjects, tools and resources to collaborate and share with others, a support network of academic and student mentors, access to other gifted students from around the world, support materials and videos by academics and experts, events, conferences and activities and support and advice for exams and university applications.

Revision technique sessions: practical techniques students can use to aid them with revision for exams.

College interviews: individual interviews for all students to discuss career opportunities.

Extra-Curricular opportunities: There are many opportunities for students to perform and take part in sporting opportunities across the Academy

Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Students

The following have been offered, and most currently being offered, to students on the G&T register and the more able in specific subjects. Further activities will be added throughout the year as opportunities arise.

Destination Uni: Opportunity to explore the options of Higher Education through a range of presentations, workshops and activities.

Bright Sparks: Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics workshops provided by Sunderland University

Science and Technology Challenge Day: students take part in a day of activities and compete against other schools

Right Choice mentoring scheme: Year 9 students attend 6 workshops at Sunderland University

Oxford University visit: 10 Year 10 students take part in a taster day at Oxford University with a focus on raising aspirations

Taster Days at Sunderland University: Workshops and activities provided in specific career areas

Debate Club: Workshops run by Sunderland University and then Academy participate in a debate competition against other schools

Jesus College - University introduction: Information regarding applying to University

Careers fairs: Sunderland College provide information for students about future careers

Visitors to the Academy: A variety of visitors come into the Academy to talk about different career options.

Extra-curricular provision for talented students:
Students get the opportunity to perform and take part in sporting events throughout the year. The Performing Arts department events include a talent show, Christmas concert and summer musical, as well as entering competitions such as City Sings and Gentoo. There is a variety of sport teams to join at the Academy including boys and girls football, cricket and basketball. Please see Academy website for a full list of extra-curricular activities.

Parents comments about the G&T provisions:
"My child has really benefited from the university visits and the interaction she has with those who have careers in science.”
"Thank you all so much for your hard work, time and support, much appreciated."
"I like the look of IGGY programme. I am sure my child will be interested in this when she can use.”
"Opportunities available to my child so far have been well received."
"I am happy with my daughters progress."


NACE: National Association for Able Children in Education



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