Core Values


We treat each other with dignity and recognise the worth in all of us.


We develop the leadership and entrepreneurial skills to lead ourselves and those around us in all types of situations.


We must always accept the responsibility for the things that we do, say and take part in.


We can be trusted to be honest, truthful and open, treating each other fairly and with mutual respect.


We demonstrate care, compassion and commitment to ensure that all staff and students feel safe, valued and loved, enabling the academy to be free from bullying, violence and aggression.


We recognise each person as a unique individual, treating them with respect and a sense of worth at all times.


We believe that a positive change is possible for all and seek to maintain a hopeful attitude that does not give up. We have a positive approach and a can do mentality.


We are determined to work hard to ensure that we achieve our personal best even in times of difficulty. We set ourselves high standards, seek quality and learn from our mistakes in an open and honest way.

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