Secondary Provision

Castle View Football Academy Offers

  • Specialist Football Coaching delivered by in house FA qualified coaches.
  • Leadership opportunities through coaching and officiating including access to formal qualifications.
  • Fitness programmes individually tailored.
  • Termly reports regarding football and academic progress.
  • Competitive opportunities.
  • Links with Sunderland Football Club.
  • Free Nike Academy training Kit.
  • Bespoke guidance and mentoring from experienced sports staff.

Our Students are expected to

  • Maintain academic standards in line with their expected level of progress.
  • Attend academic intervention sessions when requested to do so.
  • Maintain a high level of attendance (>95%).
  • Complete all homework and coursework, on time and to the required standard.
  • Meet the behaviour expectations of the Academy at all times.
  • Disassociate themselves from any negative behaviour.
  • Display a positive attitude towards the Academy at all times.
  • Be a good role model both within and beyond the Academy.
  • Be an active member of a football club by the end of year 7.
  • Wear with pride, the correct Academy uniform, playing kit and training kit.
  • Attend all Football Academy fixtures, training sessions and events.
  • Try one’s best in all Academy football fixtures and practices.

Football Academy Training

Castle View Football Academy is committed to providing all children with the highest possible standard of coaching needed to help pupils achieve their personal best and take the next step in their football aspirations. Our coaching programme offers both skill and fitness development sessions. During “peak season” our focus is on skills development on our floodlight 3G facility, to ensure all players refine the necessary skills needed to be effective within competitive matches. To complement our extensive coaching programme, we also offer Futsal coaching provided by ex-professional players including Gary Bennett, Julio Arca and Dean Gordon. These sessions develop the technical side of our players and have contributed to our outstanding performances in recent seasons.  During pre and post season pupils work hard to maintain and improve all aspects of physical fitness through bespoke fitness sessions. These sessions take place at a state of the art fitness suite at the City of Sunderland College who is a further education partner to the Football Academy.

Football Academy Training 2019 - 2020

Fitness Training and Testing

All Football Academy members take part in specialist fitness testing and training at different points in the year. Fitness sessions are delivered both in our Academy and at the City of Sunderland College in state of the art facilities. Pupils take part in a range of activities that include specific strength and conditioning training as well as interval and fartlek training to improve speed and stamina. Pupils also complete a range of fitness tests so that they can compare their results to top level performers in their age group and gain an appreciation of the fitness levels required to become a top athlete. These results then inform both players and coaches of work to be done during training as well as potentially identifying new playing positions.