Secondary Provision

Our Secondary Provision

  • Specialist Cricket Coaching by three in-house ECB-qualified coaches, supported by Durham County Cricket Club coaches.
  • Leadership roles, including access to formal qualifications by Durham County Cricket Board officials.
  • Fitness programmes individually tailored.
  • Students monitored through academic and sporting progress via a termly report.
  • Competitive opportunities. Students will participate in a full summer programme of fixtures against a range of state and private schools, at top facilities.
  • Free Cricket Academy training kit at the end of Year 7 and CVCA tie.
  • Negotiated timetables where appropriate.
  • Links with local cricket clubs.

Cricket Academy Training

Fitness Training

Like any athlete, cricket players need to ensure their general fitness levels are not only good, but also aimed towards peaking at certain stages of the year. By concentrating on a combination of strength training and cardiovascular workouts throughout the winter / off season, players will be able to perform with greater ability and reduce risk of injury during the often long summer season.  Cricket is essentially broken down into three main skill areas, batting, bowling and fielding; these are all made up by some underlining attributes.  Cricketers must develop core strength, balance, and flexibility and possess the ability to move quickly.  It is not necessarily the strongest player who bowls the quickest ball or hits the ball the hardest, but the player who has the fastest hand speed. 

Castle View Cricket Academy students undertake regular fitness sessions which are underpinned by these core principles.  In conjunction with the physical side of cricket, it is essential that students are resilient and can perform whilst under mental pressure.  Such a characteristic will also serve them in good stead across academic aspects of their education and also during wider life.  The ability to take a match-winning catch, whilst suffering fatigue after a long game is crucial during the on season.  All our fitness sessions have a large amount of cricket-specific skills incorporated into them in order to ensure all athletes intrinsically make the link between any exercise and the wider cricketing environment per se.  Please spend some time looking through a small selection of photographs and video clips from some of our fitness-based sessions.   



Match Reports

County Cup Final - September 2015

County Cup Semi-Final - July 2015

County Cup Quarter-Final - June 2014

Cricket Tours

Manchester - June 2014


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