Young People’s State of the City Debate 2017

29 Nov 2017

8,438 young people in Sunderland voted for the following top five issues to be debated in Sunderland’s Young People’s State of the City Debate on Friday 24th November 2017;

  •     Transport
  •     Work experience hubs for 11 – 18 year olds
  •     A curriculum to prepare us for life
  •     Protect LGBT+ people
  •     Mental Health

Student Council students Alfie, Lewis, Faye, Lauren, Natasha, Kieran and Tyler represented CVEA by taking part in the debate and shared their views on each of the issues discussed.

We arrived at Sunderland Civic Centre and had refreshments before entering the Council Chamber where the meeting was to be held.  All of the staff were asked to go up to the Gallery and watch the debate.  We all felt nervous, the room was big and very posh!  We took our seats and waited for the debate to start. 

The five issues to be discussed were introduced in turn by young people from Sunderland Youth Parliament.  The floor was then opened for questions and the debate started.  We listened to what was said first then one by one we built up the courage to join in and share our thoughts.  Each person had to be given permission to speak by the Chair of the meeting, we had to give our name, age and the school we attended before sharing our views.  Everyone listened to what was being said, some people agreed with others and some people had a different opinion it was really good to hear what people thought. 

After all of the issues had been debated it was now time to vote.

Protect LGBT+ people was voted as the priority issue for Sunderland Youth Parliament to work on in 2017/2018.