Year 7 House Castle Competition

18 Nov 2020

History House Castle Competition: The Task

•Your task is to research a real castle and build it!
•You can work
•on your own  INDIVIDUAL
•OR with members of your FAMILY/Household/Bubble
•We will be learning about castles over the next few weeks. So, you have many weeks over which to build this and create a short presentation about the real castle and how you modelled it.
•It must not be a shop bought model.
•You must create a presentation
•You can recreate it using a computer programme or from Lego!
•The presentation doesn’t have to be done on a computer but, if it is, it needs to be emailed to your teacher with your name and class as it’s title.
•It will be judged by your teacher on the following
•effort with castle model
•Your teacher will be marking you on one important section of your research & presentation. This will be on the sources you use to inform your research (detailed criteria is on the next slide/on ClassCharts).
•Your teacher will judge the best castle on each category that will go through to the Grand Final.
•The winners in each category, from each class will go through to the Grand Final to be judged by special guests        Mr. Rainbow & Mrs. Coxon.
PRIZES! The winners from each class will receive house points and positives. The winners of the Grand Final will receive a special trophy, more points for their house and their names and castles in lights on the plasmas, in the newsletter and on the website! Covid-19 allowing, the castles will also be displayed