Year 5/6 Open Evening - 18 September 2014

25 Sep 2014

T. Henzell - After having attended the Year 6 Open Evening last night, I would like to express thanks to Mrs Bridges and all the teachers, staff and pupils that were on hand to answer our queries and show us around. We were very impressed with the polite, confident manner of the pupils - and in particular Kyra Bell who kindly gave us a guided tour and introduced us to some of the teachers. She is an absolute credit to your school. We're both genuinely excited for our daughter now (albeit a little freaked out that she'll be starting the 'Comp' next year!) - and we hope she'll take full advantage of the opportunities she will have available to her there. Kindest Regards

D. Evans - Lovely school. Great opportunities. Look forward to starting.

I. Rice - My son thought it was really good.  We are happy with our daughters progress here.

M. Laverick - Very impressed of building and staff.

Mrs Dey - Very good, very pleased to be sending my child here.

B. Dube - Very good school and excellent results.  Happy students.

D. Forster - Very interesting and exciting.  The school looks fabulous.  My daughter can't wait to come here.

Anon - Very impressed, excellent values and standards.  Look forward to a bright future for my daughter.  Thank you.

Anon - Brilliant food and I can't wait to join you and great classrooms!

Anon - Very impressed with the schools principles, values and facilities.  100 x better than what Castleview school was.  Happy to send my child here.

Anon - I think this is an amazing school more to offer than I expected, very clean.  I'm really looking forward to my son starting Year 7 next year, this school has so much to offer him.

S. Cruddas - Very impressed with the school. Students and teachers have been fantastic!

N - Rooks - Very very impressed!  Totally different from when I attended 16 years ago.  Think the ethos missions are excellent.  Would be confident sending my son here.

G. Slayer - Very impressive, Dylan can't wait to attend next year, seems very keen to start learning.

Anon - Very impressed with the CVEA, the values and expectations.  I will be happy for my daughter to attend.  Well done CVA.

H. E. Beach - I find this school very good!  Staff were friendly and pupils were excellent! And polite! I would recommend this school to anyone!

Anon - Very impressed with whole school.  Looking forward to the opportunities my child will be offered.

T. Marshall - I think this is a great school.  We moved here from Crawley 6 months ago and one thing I would suggest is Parent Day.  They have it in schools in the South where you can pay for trips, school meals etc online.  Well done on a great night.  Pupils are a credit to the school.

Abby Parkin - Very impressed with what I saw tonight... Teachers and children so friendly... I was happy to see plus hear about the school rules, regulations and policies... Also I am very impressed with what this school has to offer in the future i.e. Cadets, football academy.  Thank you

K. Walmsley - Very impressed with the Academy. All staff very friendly and pupils.  Look forward to sending my child here.

Anon - Very impressed.

Chloe - Fab.

S. Cairns - This is a very nice school and I am very impressed.  Food is also great.

S. Hutchinson - Very happy with what I have seen in this school.  Excellent rooms.

K. Lilley - Very happy with what I have seen. I am so pleased I have chosen this school for my child.

K. Cruickshanks - Very impressed with staff, school and the choices the school offer to pupils.

K. Nicholson - Very helpful and satisfied with everything.  Food also lovely, a very welcoming school, pupils and staff.

E. Carmondy - Thank you for a look around your amazing school.  I am amazed at the facilities available to my child.  My year 4 son loved the Art Department.

Anon - Great event, great activities.

K. Webster - Excellent first impressions, enjoyed looking around the school.  Thank you

L. Milstone - I was very impressed with the Academy.  A very big change since I was a student here in '99'.

E. Parken - Very good.

L. Allan - Really excited for my son to attend!

E. Clinton - I thought that this school was very big and had lots of opportunities.

S. Wallace - Great impression of the school, my daughter loved it.

J. McCann - Great first impression, good facilities, well presented.

M. Tansey - We really enjoyed our visit today.

N. Davey - Well impressed with how students, who were polite and helpful.  My daughter can't wait to start.  There is a lot of activity available for young people.  Many thanks

C. Bell - Brilliant school. Core values are very good, looking forward for my son to start.

Anon - Excellent students and teachers.

Anon - Excellent open evening, very informative.

Anon - Lovely clean, friendly school with a lot to offer my son as a pupil.

Anon - Excellent staff and pupils, really helpful, really enjoyed.

B. Denoven - Really looking forward to my son starting this school.  The school looks brilliant and is very clean.

V. Metcalfe - Excellent.

Anon - First impressions of the school are very positive.  It's a lovely, spacious, clean and welcoming school.  The headteacher seems friendly, approachable and very passionate.  My daughter is looking forward to starting next year.

Anon - Very well presented.  It's good to see the NO NONSENSE Policy.  Education is a big part of my children's future, I now feel comfortable in my thoughts that they will attend this school.