Year 11 History Trip

26 Feb 2016

On Monday 22nd February Year 11 GCSE History students visited Middlesbrough Theatre to see the shows ‘Hitler on Trial’ and ‘The Doctor's Show’. Both shows helped students improve their performance in the GCSE History exam that they will sit this summer. It is focused on the Germany depth study and the Medicine Through Time breadth study that pupils study. Mrs Russell commented “We had a really good day. Being outside of the classroom and seeing history come to life in this way has really boosted our pupils’ understanding of two difficult topics.”

The Hitler on Trial show opened with an exam-busting workshop in which the workshop leader explained the thinking behind the exam specifications, he showed students ways of improving their examination performance. This workshop was followed by a fast pacing courtroom drama and ended with our students voting on whether or not Hitler is guilty of always planning to go to war – we voted that ‘yes’ he was! Alice Fenwick commented “I really liked the Hitler on Trial show, although when he was shot by the intruder it really shocked me.”

The Doctors Show was a light-hearted play, in the format of a TV show, and it brought to life many of the main characters and events in the history of Medicine and Public Health that we’ve been studying. Ben Anderson thought it was great “It was really funny but it also really helped me understand things better – like Pasteur’s Germ Theory.”