Virtual Careers Talks (13th-16th July 2020)

10 Jul 2020

Mon 13th July 10am


Reemah Sakaan, Group Launch Director, Britbox

Hear from Reemah Sakaan, Group Launch Director, BritBox on what it takes to have a career in TV, the skills and qualities that you might need and more about their career journey.


Mon 13th July 2pm


Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England

Join us to hear from the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, as he talks to students across the UK about the work of the Bank and answers YOUR questions.


Tues 14th July 10am


Richard Aylard, External Affairs and Sustainability Director and Rebekah Kenyon, Senior Sustainability Awareness Advisor, Thames Water

Reflections on sustainability in a lockdown world: Join us to hear from Richard Aylard and Rebekah Kenyon as they discuss sustainability and lockdown, from home working to how lockdown has impacted Thames Water’s activities and our new appreciation for the environment.


Tues 14th July 2pm


Sara Crofts, Chief Executive, The Institute of Conservation

Who looks after the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum? Who uncovers the hidden stories in old paintings? Who keeps Big Ben running like clockwork? Join Sara Crofts to find out how professional conservators care for the treasures in our museums and galleries.


Wed 15th July 10am


Anna Turney, Paralympian

Paralympian, Anna Turney, is joining SFS virtually to reflect on her own journey and share life lessons with young people including the important of goal setting, working hard and developing resilience.


Wed 15th July 2pm


Alejandra Castaño  GHG Air Quality Lead Advisor, Upstream - GOO, BP

This talk will be given by an environmental engineer with BP about her career at the company and the kind of work she’s involved in with the company’s carbon ambitions.


Thurs 16th July 10am


Sharon Walpole, Director, Careermap

We're delighted Sharon Walpole, Director, Careermap has kindly agreed to join us to discuss how young people can prepare for their future careers from understanding what your passion is, how to research to find out more about the careers you might be interested in and sharing the resources that can help you think about your future.


Thurs 16th July 2pm


Julia Angeles, Investment Manager, Baillie Gifford

Interested in learning more about the skills it takes to succeed in the future job market? Julia Angeles has joined us to give insights in to the investment industry and to highlight the importance of collaborative and creative thinking in any career!