Uniform Ordering

19 Mar 2021

1. Please order all school uniforms online this year.

Please note that our store is closed and school uniform evenings are suspended this year in line with Government guidance. School uniforms may only be ordered online via our website, at: www.michaelsehgal.co.uk. 

2. Order early! Especially for New Starters’ uniforms! 

We predict a surge in demand so we strongly advise all parents to order uniform as soon as possible and in particular, the uniforms for new starter students should be ordered before 30th June!  if sizes run out, they are likely to take longer than normal to replenish as a result of supply chain disruption.  So our advice is to order early to avoid shortages. Please do not wait until July or August! 

3. Get Free Delivery and Free Returns on orders placed by 30th June.

Free delivery and returns is available for a limited time in May and June only, so order during this time and even if the size isn’t right, there will be no delivery or return costs upto the 30th of June.  Just insert the discount code: FREEDELIVERY21 at the checkout.

4. Our customer services team is here to help!

Sizing guides are available on our website, indicating the most popular sizes, per age group and our customer services team can help you with your order, if it’s the first time you are ordering. Call us for assistance on 0191 230 2320 or, email us at [email protected]  You can also find the answers to most frequently asked questions at: https://www.michaelsehgal.co.uk/faqs/

5. We will keep you informed!

At every stage, including ordering, processing and dispatch you will receive notifications from us to advise you of the status of your order.  We aim to deliver all school uniforms safely and promptly.