SkillsBuilder Weekly Challenge: Problem Solving

10 Jan 2022

Build your problem solving skills together at home this week. 

Think about the problem: a town has an area of land that is not being used for anything. It has become untidy, littered waste land. The people of the town want to improve this and make it a useable space. You have been asked to come up with design ideas of how this area of land could be used and improved. 

The people of the town would like it to be a useful, pleasant space for people of all ages to enjoy. 

The town has voted to use only recycled materials for any improvements, so you need to make sure your designs are environmentally friendly. 

Can you come up with at least 3 different design ideas to solve the problem? 

Label your design drawings to show the recycled materials you have included and other environmentally friendly features. Do you have a favourite design? 

Share your design ideas with your family and friends. Which design idea do they like the look and sound of best to solve the problem for the town?