17 Jan 2022

Want to build your Creativity skills at home this week? Try this...

Think about your favourite book. What does the front cover of the book look like? 

If it is a fiction (story) book, does it show the characters, the setting or give a clue to the plot of the story? If it is non-fiction book (full of facts) does it show just one image (picture or photograph) or more than one? What else is on the cover? 

Imagine you have been asked to come up with front cover ideas for another edition (printing) of the book. 

How would you redesign your favourite book's cover? 

Come up with at least 3 different designs. 

You might want to draw, paint, collage or use technology to help you create different design ideas. 

Share your design ideas with your family. Which one do they like the best and why? 

Challenge them to redesign their favourite book cover too and talk about your designs together.