Geography Ambassador Update

26 Jun 2018

This is a list of activities which the Geography Ambassadors have taken part in over the past year. 

Litter picks

The Ambassadors have been involved in a number of litter picks in and around the Dene and Castle area. They have been working closely with the “Hylton Castle Project” to try and improve the area for the local community and raise awareness of the issues in and around the Dene area.

Valentines fun day

The geography ambassadors were involved in planning and delivering a Valentine’s Day fun day, which took place in the Bunny Hill centre. They meet with Peal Saddington and Eleanor Johnson of the “Hylton Castle Project”, and decided on a number of activities which they could deliver to the members of the public. They organised the day, and volunteered their time during the February half term, to deliver the activities. They included badge making, seed planting  seed, colouring in, and a magic show. The students showed fantastic organisation, leadership and communication skills.

Hylton Castle Blogs

The ambassadors have been asked to write Blog to go live on the Hylton Castle Projects website in order to raise awareness of the issues of litter and vandalism in the Dene. They have produced a 500 word Blog, which will go live on the website.

John Muir award

The ambassadors are currently working towards their John Muir award for conservation. It is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places, and the Hylton Dene area is our focus. The students are trying to raise awareness of the value of the Dene area as a natural beauty spot, and encourage people to take responsibility for wild places in their community.

Here are some of the future plans for the Geograpgy Ambassadors. 

Pond restoration project

The Ambassadors are also linking up with Ground works, through the Hylton Castle Project, and they are going to be involved in restoring the small dipping pond in the Dene. They will have a say in the design of the new pond area, as well as actively taking part in the restoration of the pond.

Oral histories project

The ambassadors have been asked to take part in an oral history project, where they will get to interview an ex Hylton Dene ranger, who’s main responsibility was to preserve and restore the Dene area. This job is now the responsibility of the council, but the Hylton Castle project are working closely with the council to restore the area.