Food Bank Donations

05 Nov 2020

Sunderland Foodbank Donations

As part of our Charity Challenge, this half term we are asking all members of our school community if they could donate items for the Sunderland Foodbank to support local families over Christmas.

We had a tremendous response to our appeal last Christmas when we donated over 700kg of food to Sunderland Foodbank.  This was equivalent to 94 food parcels or 565 meals last Christmas.

The items we would like each year group to focus on are below and there are more suggestions attached on our reverse Advent calendar.  

•Year 7 – Tinned fruit / Long life fruit juice

•Year 8 - UHT Milk

•Year 9 – Tinned tomatoes

•Year 10 – Tinned custard / Tinned rice pudding

•Year 11 – Instant mashed potato


Any donations should be taken to the student's year group bubble.  The final day for donations is 7th December 2020.  

Thank you, as always for your support.