Face coverings in the Academy

17 Sep 2020

A formal government announcement was made at midday today regarding the increase of restrictions in Sunderland and across the North East. Included in these restrictions is the mandatory use of face coverings in corridors and communal areas of schools for pupils in Year 7 and above, as well as staff and visitors. Further information about face coverings in schools is available at


As a result of this announcement we would ask that all students now wear face masks as they enter the school building and walk to their classroom.  They do not need to wear the mask  inside the classroom unless they wish to,  but,  need to have a small polythene bag to place their mask inside then place in their blazer pocket until they move again.  As we have very tight bubbles in CVEA and the students move around within that bubble only and not around corridors then they may only need to wear them when they move to the restaurant, PE , and possibly ICT.  We will advise all the students tomorrow and take them through the conditions of the local lockdown and what it means for them as school members and young people in our community.  We will do this very sensitively but will get over to them the importance of staying safe. 


We need parents to provide your child(ren)  with a mask.  We will have some spare to cover tomorrow if you do not have any at home,  but would ask you to purchase some over the weekend.


I will update you further as we understand the implications on the daily running of the school.


If a member of your household tests positive then your child must complete 14 days self-isolation.  If you have contact with a positive tested person then again you must isolate.  Just let us know and we will move straight into remote learning and provide lesson by lesson work.  Unless your child is very ill they MUST complete this work and be on line between school hours.  If a child or parent confirms they are too ill to do the work we will re contact you to discuss this.  We realise that this may happen in a small number of circumstances and we want to respond as carefully as we can but in most cases the self-isolation will be for safety and we need students to be working.  If I.T. kit is an issue then again we need to know and we can help with this in most cases. 


We are doing our very best in difficult times but if you need anything or questions answered then please use the enquiries e mail and we will get back to you quickly.


Please keep safe.  Remember the rule of 6 and do not allow your child to wander outside in large groups.  More and more young people are testing positive and we all need to do our bit to stay safe for ourselves and for others in their family.