Cricket Awards Dinner

15 Jul 2014

I think Castle View Enterprise Academy is very clean and very stylish and it makes you feel welcome.  But moreover it is very sensible and important. It's gargantuan and it makes you feel like you want to be welcomed into the high school. (Emily Stockdale)

Extremely proud of the progress Aaron has made since joining the Cricket Academy. He has matured greatly, and his attitude to cricket and being involved in a team sport is brilliant. Thanks to all involved. (Mr & Mrs Mitchell)

It has been valuable for the children from external primary schools to attend.  My son is from Redby, he has enjoyed the cricket training.  His interest in the sport has developed from this opportunity. (Matthew Selling)

A very enjoyable evening.  It was good to hear about the schools achievements.  My son is very interested in the Cricket and Football Academy which was discussed. (Louise Harrison)

A very enjoyable evening. Well done to everyone involved. (E Rumble)

The night was a great success.  The food was good and the service was great. (M Trotte)

A brilliant school. Always friendly and welcoming.  (C Johnston)

Very good!  I want to come back. (Shannon Middleton, Class of 2014)

I have settled in well here and enjoy being a part of the Cricket Academy as it has given me a lot of opportunities.  (Ian Milstone)