Careers @ CVEA: The Bank of England comes to CVEA

19 Oct 2018

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Dave Ramsden visited the Academy to talk about his role at the second oldest central bank in the world. He talked about the design of the new notes; how the bank keeps our currency safe and that at any one time there are 4 billion notes in circulation. 

Having researched the work of the Bank of England, Miss Barker's year 8 English group had prepared some fantastic questions for Sir Dave. Liam was intrigued to find out how Sir Dave had felt on receiving his knighthood. Sir Dave said that the hardest part was keeping it a secret from his mum! Heather wanted to know what the hardest bit of Sir Dave's job was. He explained that there is so much to learn as he is responsible for such a wide range of things but he added that this was also one of the best parts of his job.

During the session Dylan wowed Sid Dave with his mental arithmetic; the only person who has ever been able to calculate the value of the gold bullion at the bank of England correctly during one of Sir Dave's school talks (£160billion!).

Sir Dave congratulated the group on being such an engaged audience and the quality of their questions.

We look forward to welcoming our next guest speaker to the Academy soon.