Career Insight Talk - Nursing

29 Jun 2022

Our final careers talk of the year was led by Karen Corder, Director of Education for Degree Apprenticeships and Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University.  Karen is also a registered nurse.

During the talk, Karen explained the different roles in nursing which include adult nurse, children's nurse, mental health nurse, learning disability nurse and nursing associate.

We discussed how nurses use the eight essential skills in their roles:

  • Staying Positive - nurses have the privilege of being with patients at their most vulnerable moments.
  • Aiming High - striving to provide the best possible care and outcomes for patients.
  • Creativity - being able to think outside of the box and treating each patient as an individual.
  • Teamwork - there is no I in teamwork.  Patients will pass through many departments on their care journey and all of the staff in these departments must work together to provide the patient with the best level of care possible.

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