BT Boot Camp

19 May 2017

32 Year 10 students had the opportunity to visit the British Telecom site in Gosforth to take part in their Boot Camp programme. The focus of the day was employability, how to improve skills and consider the first steps into the world of work. Students thought about how to choose a career path and where to get advice to inform their decision making. BT staff with a range of different roles supported and mentored the students throughout the day.

Students investigated what values, interests and skills they have and created a profile to help sell themselves in the world of work. They looked at online profiles and social media sites and discovered that employers could access these when considering candidates for interview; the students debated whether their profile information should affect their ability to get a job.

Students then considered the do’s and don’ts at interviews, correct dress code, entry to a room and even how to sit in a chair to help make a good impression. 

In the final activity of the day students took part in a typical interview assessment and in their groups were tasked with designing a technology product. The staff were looking for them to use their skills, stay on task, including presenting their products. Students designed a musical toothbrush with time settings, light and notification sensors, a multipurpose outdoor jacket, an interactive wardrobe and a chair with a variety of functions to make life easier for the user.