Asda Depot Visit

13 Mar 2017

Year 9 Business Studies students have been working with The Key to plan educational visits to local businesses.  The aim of the visits was to find out about careers in a specific industry.  One of the groups planned a visit to the Asda warehouse in Washington to explore careers in logistics and distribution.

The visit involved a tour of the depot to learn about the journey of a product from its arrival at the depot to delivery at one of the local Asda stores.  Students met with a range of employees including the General Manager, Operations Manager, Human Resource Manager and Transport Manager.  The Asda employees explained about their specific job roles and their career pathways at Asda.


'A really interesting visit.  I didn't know there were so many job roles at the warehouse.'

'It was really interesting to learn about the different job roles and the ways that the employees had been promoted and progressed in the business.

'A great visit.  I have learnt a lot about careers in logistics.'


Other groups have visited McDonalds to find out about careers in the fast food industry, the new Wear Bridge Crossing to find about careers in engineering and a local cinema to find out about jobs in the leisure industry.