The work of the school requires the full support of parents. Regular parents' evenings are provided for parents to meet members of staff in order to discuss the individual progress of their child. Special interviews are arranged on request with Directors of Learning, Directors of Subject, Assistant Vice Principals, Vice Principals or the Principal. You will receive a report on your child each term. Two of these will be interim progress reports and one will be a full pupil profile for each subject they study.

Parents are invited to all school activities, games and athletic functions, concerts, prize giving and parents' evenings.  These dates can be viewed on our website calendar.

Parents are invited to contact the school over any matters of concern. We always try to see parents as soon as possible by appointment.

Each pupil are encouraged to have a planner in which a homework record is kept. Parents are encouraged to support the work of the school by checking and signing these regularly.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email us at: [email protected]

You can also click Ofsted's Parent View link to give feedback about the Academy.

Please find below our response to your feedback:

Year 7

You said... ‘We would like to know more about extracurricular activities.’

We did... ‘There is a section on our website which outlines all of our extracurricular activities.  Please contact Jackie Smith at the Academy if you need more information.’

You said... 'I am worried in case my child encounters bullying.'

We did... 'At CVEA we do not tolerate bullying and have a rigorous anti-bullying policy.  We have several mechanisms in place to support children and prevent this happening.  If your child is worried about this, they should speak to a member of staff immediately.  Sometimes children mistake the comments made during the normal making and breaking of friendships at school as bullying, however we also support the social and emotional development of our students to be able to cope with this aspect of growing up.'

Year 8

You said... ‘My daughter seems to be doing really well in school.  Will she be moved up a set?’

We did... ‘We regularly test students to judge their progress.  This data is used to make set changes each term if necessary.  If she has outperformed other students there is a good chance she will move into a higher set.’

You said... ‘I am worried that my daughter is not eating properly.  How do I find out what she is doing at school?’

We did... ‘We have a cashless catering system that records every purchase a child makes and when.  Children are encouraged to buy healthy meal options.  We can print out your daughter’s purchase history. Money can be loaded onto their accounts via direct debit so that parents always have peace of mind that students are not spending the money on fizzy drinks on the way to school.’

You said... ‘My child is creative and interested in the arts.’

We did... ‘We now offer a wide range of GCSE subjects in Year 9 – Year 11.  Students can choose from subjects such as Art, Graphics, Performance, Music, Dance, Media, Resistant Materials and Catering.’

You said... ‘I want my child to be able to study the EBacc that the government has launched.’

We did... ‘We have opened up the options process to enable all students to access the EBacc if they want. The EBacc is a combination of subjects: English, Maths, Science, Humanities and French.’

You said... ‘My child struggles with formal exams and I am worried how he will do at GCSE.’

We did... ‘We introduced formal sit down exams in every year to help prepare students.  These exams are timetable each year and students are given revision materials to do at home. We aim to replicate the GCSE experience so students can get used to it from an early age.’

You said... 'My daughter is unable to log on to the websites needed to complete the homework.'

We did... 'If there are any reasons that your child is having difficulty accessing the online homework please inform the Academy so that we can rectify the problems as soon as possible.  Click here to be taken to the online homework page'

Year 9

You said... ‘We would like more homework with a way of seeing what they have done and still have to do.’

We did... ‘We purchased Doddle online homework and MyMaths. Both of these allow students to access their homework from any PC with an internet connection.  Parents have access to this and can monitor their child’s progress at any time.’

You said... ‘I would like more career advice in Year 10 and 11.’

We did... ‘There are lots of opportunities at CVEA for IAG and careers for all year groups. Please see the plasma screens, the website and the board which is outside D01.  Also ask Mrs Smith and Mrs McDermott for any up and coming events.’

Year 10

You said... ‘We want some help revising at home.’

We did... ‘Doddle and MyMaths both have revision lessons and quizzes that all students can access at any time of the day or night.  The quizzes are marked and can be repeated so students can see themselves getting better. Each department has revision guidance for students.  All you need to do is ask for it.’

Year 11

You said... ‘I feel that more emphasis is being made on uniform, socks, hair bobbles than before.’

We did... ‘Our uniform policy reflects the standards set in employment regarding business dress.  The high expectations that we have for our students and their uniform is what the parents and the community asked for when we opened in 2009 and we still maintain the high standard in 2016.  HMI agree and seek to find high standards of student dress, behaviour and presentation when visiting our academy.'

You said... ‘There are too many attendance reports.’

We did... ‘Attendance is vitally important to students’ academic progress.  We understand that students become ill from time to time but the expectation is that all students should attend school at least 95% of the academic year and this is what we strive for as a minimum in line with Government guidance. We will continue to monitor attendance of students and produce reports to keep parents informed regularly and any student that falls below 95% will receive a set of actions to achieve this.'

You said... ‘Other subjects are as important as English. Why is there such emphasis placed on this subject?’

We did... ‘At CVEA all subjects are very important, however English and Mathematics are the two subjects that are identified by central Government as having the most impact of students’ lives post 16. These two subjects are also the first two subjects to be assessed in levels rather than grades and with the increased difficulty in content to reflect the standard internationally, we have increased the students’ curriculum allocation time to accommodate the changes.'


Further Information


Questionnaire for parents and carers – September 2017


  Statement Strongly agree (%) Agree (%) Disagree (%) Strongly disagree (%)
1 My child enjoys school 38 59 3 0
2 The school keeps my child safe 46 52 2 0
3 My child is making progress at this school 48 51 1 0
4 The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle 27 67 5 1
5 The school informs me about my child’s progress 37 59 4 0
6 The school expects my child to work hard and do his or her best 65 35 0 0
7 The school sets appropriate homework for my child 41 55 4 0
8 The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future 40 58 2 0
9 There is a good range of activities including trips or visits for my child to take part in 38 55 4 1
10 The school treats my child fairly and with respect 43 54 3 0
11 The school meets my child’s particular needs 41 51 3 0
12 Parents and carers with children who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities The school informs me about the types of support available for my child’s particular needs 42 53 5 0
13 Parents and carers with children who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities The school provides specialist support for my child’s particular needs 34 61 5 0
14 Parents and carers with children who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities The school informs me how the specialist provision is helping my child to progress 39 56 5 0
15 The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour 42 53 2 3
16 The school has appropriate procedures for dealing with complaints 36 60 3 1
17 The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns 35 60 4 1
18 The school is led and managed effectively 44 54 2 0
19 Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school 42 55 2 1

Additional Comments

  • “I am pleased with all of the help and support that my child receives from the Academy”
  • “My son has worked well and has been rewarded for his hard work”
  • “I am pleased to see how my child has changed for the better since starting school at CVEA”
  • “I would highly recommend CVEA”
  • “The homework app is excellent for parents”
  • “My child has blossomed and found new confidence at CVEA”
  • “My child has come a long way since starting CVEA and has turned into a polite young man”
  • "I'm extremely happy with all aspects of Castle View Enterprise Academy.  My daughter has settled in very well and is making great progress"
  • "My son has settled into Year 7 very well.  I am very impressed at the amount of resources we can both use at home to improve learning"

Further information

Drugs Support

Information / Warnings

More information about 'Novel Psychoactive Substances' and their impacts and effects are on Talk to Frank


Parent Info

Parent Info is a collaboration between The Parent Zone, which has been providing information and support to parents for a decade, and CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command of the National Crime Agency.  Here you'll find a collection of articles, tips, expert advice and resources designed to help parents keep up with what their children are doing on-line.


Disability Matters

Disability Matters offers free, practical online learning to all those who work or volunteer with disabled children and young people. The programme covers both physical and intellectual disabilities and is available as a series of stand-alone online learning modules. 


If, as a parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.