Meet Our Governors

Welcome to Castle View Enterprise Academy.

School governors are volunteers who play an important part in setting the direction of the school, helping us to continually raise standards. Our governors have been crucial to the improvements made by the school in the last few years and their continued hard work and support will ensure a bright future in our school. 

As well as being Chair of the Governors of Castle View Enterprise Academy I am also Chief Executive Officer of Northumbrian Water Group, the school’s company sponsor.

My role at Castle View Enterprise Academy is just as important and as challenging to me as my ‘day job’.  I am as driven to run a successful business as I am passionate about creating a school which inspires and supports our young people to achieve their personal best in all aspects of academy life.

As a parent, I understand how important it is that our school nurtures and cares for our young people in a safe, secure and stable environment.  As an employer, I know that our school must equip our young people with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to enable them to have successful and fulfilled careers.  At Castle View Enterprise Academy we work hard to deliver this crucial mix of support for the young people who choose to come here.  We have created an academy where young people have access to the best teachers, the latest technology for learning and excellent sports and social facilities.

At Castle View Enterprise Academy we believe that it takes strong partnerships to support the development of our young people.  That includes working in close partnership with our young people and their parents, but also in partnership with our wider community.  With our specialism in Business and Enterprise, it may come as no surprise that our business community is a very important part of our partnership approach.  We have many businesses, as well as my own, working inside and outside of school with our young people and staff to guide, mentor and support them to increase their understanding of business and employment opportunities.  As a sponsor we feel a special responsibility to use our expertise and network of contacts across the region to bring to life the business and enterprise specialism of the Academy and to complement the curriculum.

We take great pride in our school, our staff and our students and we love to share what we have.  Please do come and visit us if you would like to see it for yourself.



Trustee Members

Statutory information

The following links contain information on our governance structures and processes:

Trustee Members

  • Heidi Mottram
  • Louise Hunter
  • Martin Parker


  • Heidi Mottram
  • Claire Leighton
  • Louise Hunter
  • Mike Wooller
  • Aaron Young
  • Richard Hutton
  • Andrew Radcliffe
  • Barbara Gubbins 
  • René Koglbauer-Franklin 
  • Kieran McLaughlin
  • Dionne Ross
  • Elouise Leonard-Cross
  • Janet Bridges (Principal)

Please click on the link to access the information on our trustees/members/directors/governors, including their date of appointment and business and pecuniary interests.

Student Voice with the Governors

  • “I moved to CVEA in Year 9 and I find it much better than my previous school. I am very happy.”

  • “I am in Year 7 and I enjoy the socialisation, especially having our own yard. This has given me the time to get used to a new school.”

  • “Lunchtimes are good!”

  • “Any poor behaviour is dealt with quietly and there is no disruption so I can get on with my work.”

  • “Feedback on work, including homework, is consistent. The yellow intervention boxes are really useful. Homework is always set and useful.”

  • “I feel inspired to go on, especially due to the talks we get from external people in the mornings. These are great as career support.”

  • “I would like to go to university and I know how to get there!”

  • “The school has given fantastic opportunities to my child throughout his time at the school”

You said...We did

You said...“My child is a vegetarian and there could be more options at lunchtime.”

We did...“There is always a range of vegetarian options each lunchtime.  From the cold section there is a range of salads, including prawns and tuna for pescetarians, there is a vegetarian based topping for the baked potatoes and a vegetarian hot dish.  From the “Grab Bag” section there are a variety of vegetarian based sandwiches”

You said...“It is appropriate for high marks that homework is set but at times it can be excessive.  It is not appropriate for a balanced home life”

We did...“Challenging homework supports the learning that occurs in the classroom and it is vital in order for pupils to achieve their academic potential.”

You said... that you would like to be shown how you can support your child's PE GCSE award.

We did... we organised a Teams live event to show you how you can provide video evidence of your child's sporting performances. 

You said...COVID-19 restrictions mean that normal parents' evenings won't happen.

We did...So that we can maintain excellent lines of communication between home and the Academy, we have arranged for parents' evenings and other similar events to take place virtually.



Attendance at Governor Meetings 2017/18


Heidi Mottram Claire Leighton Janet Bridges Louise Hunter Richard Hutton Barbara Gubbins

Rene Koglbauer

Prof. Ian Neal

Lynn Perry

Lynne McKenna Andy Radcliffe Mike Wooler Kieran McLaughlin  Aaron Young

Full Governing Body 

2 / 3 2 / 3 3 / 3 3 / 3 3 / 3 2 / 2 1 / 1 1 / 1 1 / 3 0 / 2 1 / 3 3 / 3 1 / 1 3 / 3

Finance Audit & General Purposes Committee

  0 / 2 2 / 2 2 / 2 2 / 2     1 / 1            

N.B. Attendance is shown in the above table as "Meetings Attended / Out of a possible"