Information for Staff

Gatsby Benchmark 4 – All teachers should link their curriculum to careers.

The International Centre for Guidance Studies found that improving career guidance in secondary schools and colleges can lead to better student outcomes, while also raising aspirations and increasing engagement with education. 

By being able to see the relevance of what they are studying in the classroom, students feel more engaged with their learning.  Students are able to see the possibilities and progression routes linked to their subjects which can motivate and inspire students. Staff highlighting the relevance of their subject to future careers and opportunities creates social capital for young people with more limited networks.

The links below may provide some useful resources to link careers to your curriculum area.

If you require any support, please contact Mrs E McDermott ([email protected]).

Useful Links

Careers and Enterprise Company The Careers and Enterprise Company website hosts a range of BM4 resources for a range of subjects.

Teacher’s Toolkit – resources from Newcastle University

CareersPilot resources for teachers

CareersBox – careers videos

The Wow Show – videos and lesson plans (includes pharmacy, health, construction)

Speakers for Schools – virtual talks including a library of past talks

Inspiring the Future – connect with volunteers (guest speakers, workplace visits)

National Careers Service – careers profiles

iCould – careers videos

Talent Forum Potential – examples of BM4 projects

Subject Specific

What’s the Point?  English

What’s the Point? HSC

What’s the Point? Science

University of Oxford Department of Chemistry Outreach

Careers in Chemistry

Careers Linked to Science

STEM Learning

Institute of Physics

McDonalds (Food Technology)

McDonalds (Business)

What’s the Point? Music

Ryder Architecture – Careers using maths and art

Advanced Mathematics Support Programme

Maths- Why Bother?

What’s the Point? Drama

What’s the Point? Dance

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